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Fourth Principle of Autarchy

Association is important in labor. We must choose our company prudently Las Indias: on Cooperative Productive Autonomy Neither he who is always seeking material aid from his friends nor he who never considers such aid is a true friend; for … Continue reading

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The Havamal, on Loyalty

A man must be a friend to his friend, for himself and for the friend, but no man must be a friend of a friend of his foe. Havamal 43 #KnowYourCircle

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Happy Twentieth! – The Havamal, on Isolation

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere. Over the last month, Philosophy Now published a piece titled The Epicurean option, which gives a glimpse into how Epicurus’ upbringing made him particularly attuned to the spiritual and psychological needs of common folk, and I published … Continue reading

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Parallel Sayings Buddhist Meme Series: On Good Association

In the coming weeks I will be posting weekly memes celebrating the similar teachings of the Epicurean and Buddhist traditions.

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On Natural Community

In Epicurean discourse we often get into discussions of minimalism from the perspective of natural and necessary desires: minimalism not for the sake of frugality and simplicity, but for the sake of having a deep conviction of what is and … Continue reading

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Concord: a Book on Friendship

Friendship as Virtuous Communion The book of Concord within The Good Book: A Humanist Bible> contains a wisdom tradition related to friendship, which is at first defined as something that can only exist among good people. This is reiterated when … Continue reading

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A Naturalist Evaluation of Equality: The Public Tables

Equality, in today’s Western discourse, is an over-used word that means different things to different people. Equal treatment before the law is almost invariably meant (the marriage equality debate), and oftentimes issues of economic justice and access to resources deemed … Continue reading

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Naturalist Reasoning on Friendship

  And when they saw an offspring born From out themselves, then first the human race Began to soften. For ’twas now that fire Rendered their shivering frames less staunch to bear, Under the canopy of the sky, the cold; … Continue reading

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