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Antinous: the Man-God Who Rivaled Jesus in the 2nd Century CE

1,886 years ago, in Oct 28 of the year 130 of Common Era, a young man from Bithynia (in today’s northwestern Turkey) drowned in the Nile while touring all the provinces of the Roman Empire under the wing of his … Continue reading

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Cyrenaic Reasonings III: Theodorus the Godless

This is the third in a blog series on Cyrenaic Philosophy. Please also read the first and second parts. Atheism, as understood today–particularly in its militant strands–is a fairly modern phenomenon but it’s not by any means new. Many centuries … Continue reading

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The Counter-History of Philosophy

French hedonist philosopher Michel Onfray has made his name by, among other things, founding the Popular University of Caen, away from Paris and every other known hub of intellectual life, as a way to rebel against the Platonized tendency that pervades mainstream … Continue reading

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The Dream of Reason: a History of Philosophy for the Uninitiated

It has taken me many moons of leisure reading to complete The Dream of Reason: a History of Philosophy From the Greeks to the Renaissance, a book which I’ve greatly enjoyed. I was seeking a good, non-superficial introductory book that delved … Continue reading

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