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Horace: The Miseries of the Wealthy

All Hate you, your friends and neighbours, girls and boys. Yet you wonder, setting money before all else, that no-one offers you the love you’ve failed to earn! While if you tried to win and keep the love of those … Continue reading

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Horace’s Epistle to the Pisos

Art of Poetry, aka Epistle to the Pisos was written in the epistolary style that the early Epicurean founders were known for, and which was later imitated in the New Testament. Horace follows Epicurean rhetorical conventions himself (short, concise, clear speech) and … Continue reading

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Horace: Dare to be Wise

If you don’t set your mind on honest aims and pursuits, On waking, you’ll be tortured by envy or lust. Why so quick to remove a speck from your eye, when If it’s your mind, you put off the cure … Continue reading

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Horace: Everyone can Profit from Philosophy

Is your mind fevered with greed and wretched desire: There are words and cries with which to ease the pain, And you can rid yourself of the worst of your sickness. Are you swollen with love of glory: then certain … Continue reading

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Horace: In Praise of Simple Living

Learn how great the virtue is, my friends, of plain living … When exercise has made you less fastidious, hungry, Thirsty, then spurn plain food, refuse to drink the mead … Well, bread and salt will soothe a rumbling belly. … Continue reading

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