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What if the Sadducees Had Persisted?

This month’s Twentieth message by New Epicurean tells the counter-history of Hannukah. It mentions the Sadducees in passing, and how the uprising of the Maccabees–which is commemorated during Hanukah–concluded in such a manner, that this lineage of Judaism disappeared, and … Continue reading

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RJB II: Shabat Was Made for Man

The blog series RJB is based on my reading of the Jefferson Bible for the 21st Century, published by Humanist Press. A Shabat-Breaker Stoned to Death And while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man … Continue reading

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Authors and Books at #ahacon16

I had the pleasure of participating yesterday in an author panel at the American Humanist Association‘s 75th annual conference. I have written previously for a publication known as The Humanist, and my book Tending the Epicurean Garden was published via Humanist Press, … Continue reading

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Seven Arguments against Paul .. and the Toldoth Jeschu Tradition

Argument 1: Paul’s immoral views on slavery, women and gays In Ephesians 6 Paul told slaves to be loyal to their masters, comparing slave-masters to Christ. In 1 Timothy 6, he again advised submission, praising his own teachings by saying … Continue reading

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Intactness as Naturalist Puritanism

  The Abrahamic Covenant There has been much recent controversy around the issue of circumcision, which has become the male side of the right-to-choose debate in America, where the practice is still common but being challenged. The practice of circumcision … Continue reading

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