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RJB VI: A Few Problems with the Gospels

A few problems have to be named when reading the Gospels. First, when we study nature, there is no final judgment, no life after death, no god, no hellfire, and also there’s no discourse in the Bible to explain these as metaphors. We are … Continue reading

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The Uberization of the Economy

During my recent San Francisco trip, I had the pleasure of practicing the French language with a fellow traveler from France, who was discussing with me some of the changes that are taking place in the economy as a result … Continue reading

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New Philodemus series at Society of Epicurus

The following are the first two in a series of reasonings based on the writings of 1st Century Epicurean philosopher Philodemus of Gadara, who taught philosophy in Rome and whose scrolls were kept in the Herculaneum and, in the year … Continue reading

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Walmart: Corporate Tyranny with a Smily Face

This Black Friday, a boycott was called against that All-American sweatshop Walmart, fueled by a decades-long litany of complaints by workers unable to earn a living wage, even while working full-time. Like many other giant corporations that seek to increase … Continue reading

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