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America’s Third and Fourth Parties

Politics in America is a nauseating, embarrassing subject. The Plutocracy is so shameless that, in last night’s presidential debate, Jill Stein of the Green Party was barred from participating and her supporters were arrested. She had to resort to twitter in … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Community, Part II: Community Vs. Polis

If one wanted to inquire into what is most opposite to friendship, and the most fruitful of aversions, we would see simply that it is politics. – Philodemus Las Indias argues that community exists for its own sake, and not for … Continue reading

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Tenth Taoist Contemplation: Laissez Faire

Laissez Faire is a French term that translates as “allow doing“, or “let it be“. The Taoists have frequently been labeled libertarian. Their attitudes towards government are consistent with everything else about them: by not engaging in forceful action, and … Continue reading

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