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Kim Davis is in Jail! Yaaaay!

What an entertaining set of historical events we’ve had so far this year! After the gay marriage ruling, the media circus around Kim Davis was to be expected. For a moment I felt sorry for her, but then I remembered … Continue reading

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Chris Crocker serves LGBT Realness

“Do you realize that LGBT people, some of us already have a hard enough time in our home life, unaccepting family, and we have to walk out into this world and … then maybe a story manager might not wanna … Continue reading

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A Naturalist Evaluation of Equality: The Public Tables

Equality, in today’s Western discourse, is an over-used word that means different things to different people. Equal treatment before the law is almost invariably meant (the marriage equality debate), and oftentimes issues of economic justice and access to resources deemed … Continue reading

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Kids React to Gay Marriage

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The Untold History of Gay Marriage and Two-Spirits

The following piece was originally written for the NEIU Independent. The film Two Spirits is a sad but empowering film about a hate crime committed against Freddie Martinez, a Two-Spirited transgendered Navajo youth in Colorado.  16-year-old Freddie was brutally killed by being … Continue reading

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DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional

Married gay couples face a fiscal double standard in America: they pay more taxes than married straight couples and a survivor only gets a portion of social security benefits when their partner dies if signed as a beneficiary whereas a … Continue reading

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