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Two Cosmological Models Compared

See Will to Power Reasonings I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII It’s time to entertain our inner Carl Sagan by comparing the cosmological views of Nietzsche versus those of the Epicurean school. Two … Continue reading

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Eleventh Taoist Contemplation: People Like the Side Paths

The relationship between naturalism, tranquility, and simplicity is explored. The great Tao is broad and plain But people like the side paths Tao Te Ching, Chapter 53 The above portion of Taoist scripture is immediately reminiscent of the “pedantry of Aristotle” … Continue reading

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Eighth Taoist Contemplation: The Landscape of the Soul

One of the beauties of Taoist naturalism is that we encounter the meaning-endowing sacred within nature, which is of course rich in imagery. Lao-Tse fashions a meaning-endowing landscape of the soul and uses it to articulate his philosophical insights. In … Continue reading

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Second Taoist Contemplation: Wu-Wei (No Action) Principle

Taoism teaches that not-meddling assists the nature of all things: by letting them run their course, we find the best results. This lets them be, helps them function as they should. This seems to suggest a case against some forms … Continue reading

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A Few Days in Athens, Friends of Epicurus Edition

A Few Days in Athens: The Friends of Epicurus Edition is now available in paperback from Amazon. The FoE Edition includes the introductory review written for societyofepicurus.com as well as a study guide at the end of the novel. The Spanish translation … Continue reading

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DamNation and the Tao of Epicurus

Negotiating a Truce With Nature My original intention was to write a review on a very interesting documentary titled Damnation on dam-building in the US and how dozens of dams that were built in previous centuries are now being dismantled due … Continue reading

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On the Architecture of Pleasure

In my recent visit to the federal capital, I was taken in by the majesty, the beauty and the history of the buildings of our government (and corporations, these days there’s no clear boundary).  If I had not understood the … Continue reading

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