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Puerto Rico and the Rickyleaks Affair: Some Thoughts

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson After nearly two weeks of protests, the governor of Puerto Rico has resigned and will be replaced by Justice Secretary … Continue reading

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My Ancestral Storylines, Part II

“Hold never in scorn the hoary singer; oft the counsel of the old is good; come words of wisdom from their withered lips …“ – Havamal, Stanza 133 In my last blog on ancestral storylines, I mentioned that my mother … Continue reading

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Travel Blog: Puerto Rico, the Land and Its Fruits

After my Key West vacation, I spent some days in Puerto Rico with family. This time didn’t feel like a vacation, as I didn’t do many of the things that a vacationer does. I spent time with family, and watched … Continue reading

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“You’re not going to change us” …

Timothy Trybus, the 62-year old alcoholic moron who harassed a Hispanic woman in a Chicago park last month for wearing a t-shirt with the Puerto Rico flag, has been charged with committing a hate crime. The entire ordeal was filmed … Continue reading

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After the Storm

The last few days have been a test of my patience. My father was recently diagnosed with dementia, which was exacerbated by a resistant strain of urine infection that was making it worse. He lost his mind last weekend and … Continue reading

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Puerto Rican Citizenship: the Odd Case of Juan Mari Brás

I’m writing this blog on the anniversary of Juan Mari Brás’ death on Sept 10 of 2010. Mari Brás was a prominent socialist and independentista from Puerto Rico. He had also been a wealthy business owner, and was reputed to … Continue reading

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The Future of the Spanish Language in America and in Puerto Rico

The current visit by the King and Queen of Spain to Puerto Rico for the seventh Congress of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language has gotten some media attention, focusing mainly on the importance of the Spanish language in … Continue reading

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