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Happy Twentieth! Some Essays and Updates

In recent months, academia.edu saw the publication of The Epicurean virtue of μεγαλοψυχία (megalopsychia, or magnanimity) by Sean McConnell, as well as Some Epicurean Aspects of Horace’s Upbringing in Satires 1.4, An Epicurean measure of Wealth in Horace and Horace, Ofellus and Philodemus … Continue reading

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The Future of the Spanish Language in America and in Puerto Rico

The current visit by the King and Queen of Spain to Puerto Rico for the seventh Congress of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language has gotten some media attention, focusing mainly on the importance of the Spanish language in … Continue reading

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The Letter R and Boricua Identity

Last week, the Senate in Puerto Rico–which is dominated by the pro-Commonwealth, anti-statehood faction–passed a Spanish-first law which solves absolutely nothing in the convoluted scheme of things. It does not solve PR’s debt, or corruption, or lack of energy self-sufficiency, … Continue reading

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