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“You’re not going to change us” …

Timothy Trybus, the 62-year old alcoholic moron who harassed a Hispanic woman in a Chicago park last month for wearing a t-shirt with the Puerto Rico flag, has been charged with committing a hate crime. The entire ordeal was filmed … Continue reading

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America: “Out of Many, One”

The motto of our nation is E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, One”), and one can’t exaggerate the extent to which this motto defines America in all phases of its history. Many intellectuals, most prominent among them Locke, influenced the political … Continue reading

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On Building a New Left

I wrote about the American Right in a recent post … but it’s the Left I’m worried about in the post-election mayhem. A recent Las Indias blog titled El fin de la izquierda posmoderna hit the nail in the head as far as I’m … Continue reading

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America’s Third and Fourth Parties

Politics in America is a nauseating, embarrassing subject. The Plutocracy is so shameless that, in last night’s presidential debate, Jill Stein of the Green Party was barred from participating and her supporters were arrested. She had to resort to twitter in … Continue reading

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Kim Davis is in Jail! Yaaaay!

What an entertaining set of historical events we’ve had so far this year! After the gay marriage ruling, the media circus around Kim Davis was to be expected. For a moment I felt sorry for her, but then I remembered … Continue reading

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