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Lucretius’ Venus

The following is a continuation of the book review of Thomas Nail’s Ontology of Motion. Many philosophical and humanist traditions refer to ancient myths to impart their teachings. Jung employed Wotan. Existentialists employed Sisyphus. Rand employed Atlas. Epicurean mythography has always revolved around … Continue reading

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Gravity Versus Freedom

The following is part of my book review of Thomas Nail’s Ontology of Motion. In Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, we see that lightness/laughter (which Nail connects directly to Venus) is at war with the so-called spirit of gravity, which takes itself too seriously. And when … Continue reading

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Marked by Oshun

Everyone has their own tribal or ancestral religious or philosophical traditions that have nurtured them at one time or another. The Catholic faith of my upbringing attempted to swallow and assimilate numerous Pagan faiths in its historically monstrous imperial project. In … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! In Defense of Pleasure

Happy Twentieth to Epicureans everywhere! Among the good news this month: we deepened our understanding of Diogenes’ Wall and SoFE has a new member, our good friend Jason–who is also, together with Tom of the Epicurus for Modern Times facebook group, one of … Continue reading

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Eighth Taoist Contemplation: The Landscape of the Soul

One of the beauties of Taoist naturalism is that we encounter the meaning-endowing sacred within nature, which is of course rich in imagery. Lao-Tse fashions a meaning-endowing landscape of the soul and uses it to articulate his philosophical insights. In … Continue reading

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