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Second, Third and Fourth Principles of Piety

From Philodemus’ Scroll On Piety Humans imitate the qualities they see in divinity. Therefore, the wise have noble expectations concerning the Gods Worship is an act of self-expression and only benefits the worshiper. It does not necessarily affect the object … Continue reading

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Nietzsche, Against the Moloch of Abstraction

A virtue must be our invention; it must spring out of our personal need and defence. In every other case it is a source of danger. That which does not belong to our life menaces it; a virtue which has its … Continue reading

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Utilitarian Reasonings III: Virtue as Means to Pleasure

Life would be a poor thing, very ill provided with sources of happiness, if there were not this provision of nature, by which things originally indifferent, but conducive to, or otherwise associated with, the satisfaction of our primitive desires, become … Continue reading

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PSBMS: Respecting and Admiring Good People is Good for the Character

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The Epicurean Wise Man

Epicurus, on the qualities of a Wise Man, as cited by Diogenes Laertius in Lives of Eminent Philosophers Before quoting his words, however, let me go into the views of Epicurus himself and his school concerning the wise man. There … Continue reading

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