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Third, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Principles of Autarchy

The philosopher does not toil. However, we must always remember that toil is evil, not productivity Our revenue must more than meet our immediate needs: it must facilitate a life of leisure. Anything less is wage slavery. It’s always prudent to … Continue reading

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Fourth Principle of Autarchy

Association is important in labor. We must choose our company prudently Las Indias: on Cooperative Productive Autonomy Neither he who is always seeking material aid from his friends nor he who never considers such aid is a true friend; for … Continue reading

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First Principle of Autarchy

The Seven Principles of Autarchy are seven general guiding ideas that were distilled from the reasonings about Philodemus of Gadara’s Herculaneum scroll On Property Management which were published in Society of Epicurus. They are guides to aid in memorization of key, useful points … Continue reading

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Horace: The Miseries of the Wealthy

All Hate you, your friends and neighbours, girls and boys. Yet you wonder, setting money before all else, that no-one offers you the love you’ve failed to earn! While if you tried to win and keep the love of those … Continue reading

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