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Horace: Dare to be Wise

If you don’t set your mind on honest aims and pursuits, On waking, you’ll be tortured by envy or lust. Why so quick to remove a speck from your eye, when If it’s your mind, you put off the cure … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! – The Well-Walled Fortress of the Wise

Last Friday I worked my normal 9-to-5 job, after which I worked until after midnight a bartending shift at a wedding that I had accepted some weeks back. I wasn’t crazy about working more than 16 hours, but figured that … Continue reading

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The Epicurean Wise Man

Epicurus, on the qualities of a Wise Man, as cited by Diogenes Laertius in Lives of Eminent Philosophers Before quoting his words, however, let me go into the views of Epicurus himself and his school concerning the wise man. There … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Ptahhotep’s Maxims, Part II

God’s Punishment II.6. Do not scheme against people, (for) God punishes accordingly … People’s schemes do not prevail. God’s command is what prevails. The belief in divine punishment for evil deeds and rewards for good ones in the afterlife was solid in the religious … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Ptahhotep’s Maxims, Part I

Kindness is man’s memorial. – Maxims of Ptahhotep II.34 Ptahhotep (whose name means “the Peace of the god Ptah”) is the most prominent philosopher and sage that we have record of from Ancient Egypt. He was believed to have lived to … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Protecting One’s Head

The dog has four legs, but he only takes one path.
 – Yoruba proverb As part of my recent process of distilling the wisdom of the first-century Epicurean philosopher Philodemus of Gadara into reasonings that a modern reader can approach and … Continue reading

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