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Book Review of “The One Thing”

The book The ONE Thing was highly recommended to me as a self-help book that helps people achieve more by focusing on what really matters. There are many bits of useful wisdom, and much of what the author cites is … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! – The Black Hole and Incidental Properties of Nature

Happy Twentieth to all Epicureans and our friends everywhere! Some literary updates: This recent discussion on the Epicurean Friends forum on condensed pleasure (and others that take place there) might be of interest to students of Epicurean ethics. Another series … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Fastlane Millionaire

The following is an Epicurean book review of The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. As I said before, this year my platform will focus on expanding on the subject of autarchy and Epicurean economics. As part of this, I am … Continue reading

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“No Redeemer Liveth”: Comparing Christianity, Islam and Satanism

No burdened soul can carry the burden of another. – Qur’an 35:18 On the issue of personal responsibility, the Qur’an seems at least on one account superior to the New Testament: there is no atonement by the blood of Jesus. No one must sacrifice … Continue reading

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Conclusions on the Gita

The Gita is an attempt to include a diverse set of teachings from various schools, most prominent among them the Stoic-like Sankhya School of philosophy and the Vaishnava sect of devotional Hinduism, in one scripture. It seeks to establish Lord … Continue reading

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On Bhakti and Philodeman Piety

Throughout the Gita, and in the long tradition of Krishna Consciousness, Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion) is declared the highest form of yoga for most people. While the Gita declares that everyone worships according to their nature and tendencies, … Continue reading

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God in the Gītā

One God, Many Forms It may surprise people to know that Hinduism has a tradition of monotheism that evolved separately and independently from Abrahamic religions. Well, in reality, Hinduism teaches that there is one Supreme Soul (Param-Atma) or Brahman. This … Continue reading

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