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Ancient Christians, as depicted in Death of Peregrine

The Christian religion has enjoyed hegemony in the West for more than 15 centuries, so it is difficult for many in the modern world to imagine how dismissive many Pagans were of the Christians in the early centuries of Common … Continue reading

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Happy Twentieth! Lucian’s Aerial Expedition

“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf.” – Epicurus This month, the Guardian published The friend effect: … Continue reading

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Atheist Parable of the Train

No one has ever cut off a head in the name of atheism. No one ever has cut into human flesh and looked into a camera and said: in the name of NOTHING! – Jim Jeffries I discovered Jim Jeffries’ comedy … Continue reading

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Swinish Herds and Pastafarians

I recently wrote a piece for Eidolon, a classics publication, titled Swinish Herds and Pastafarians. It explores the history of comedy as an ideological weapon. If you like and follow my blog, you will likely enjoy the article. Please enjoy … Continue reading

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How Religion is Bad for Ataraxia

Among the many, ehem, curiosities that emerged from the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, I stumbled upon a crazy Christian lady who posted a hysterical yelling and crying video on facebook saying that Obama is a radical Islamist (because everyone knows … Continue reading

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