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First Principle of Piety

The Seven Principles of Epicurean Piety are seven general guiding ideas that were distilled from the Reasonings on Philodemus’ scroll On Piety, which were published in Society of Epicurus. The Herculaneum scrolls are the writings that survived the eruption of Mount … Continue reading

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Are we all existentialists?

“The tension between (is and ought) is felt much less clearly in real life than at the conceptual level at which most philosophers like to dwell. They feel that we can not reason ourselves from one level to the other, … Continue reading

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La Gauche Nietzschéene

See Will to Power Reasonings I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII Shortly after the last US election, I published a blog on how the Left could reinvent itself in an age hostile to identity politics. This evaluation of Nietzschean … Continue reading

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Nietzsche’s Will to Power: Overview

In the coming weeks The Autarkist will feature a series of essays evaluating aspects of the collections of notes taken by Nietzsche as his philosophy matured over the years, which were later compiled by his sister and published posthumously. Throughout … Continue reading

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Epicureans Wanted for “My Life as an Epicurean” Program

Phil Pegum, Senior Producer at BBC Religion and Ethics, is putting together a series called “My Life as a …” about how ancient philosophical teachings can be applied to modern life. It’s presented by the comedian (and classics graduate) Andy Zaltzman. … Continue reading

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“This Week in Epicurus” Newsletter

As some of you may know, the “Happy 20th” newsletter won’t be running any more and instead New Epicurean has updated the quality of their “This Week in Epicurus” newsletter. The last couple of entries have been of very good … Continue reading

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The Closing Chapter of Histories

As some of my readers know, I’ve been reading The Good Book: A Humanist Bible for over a year now, and have written a few reviews of its books as well as a general review for Society of Epicurus. I … Continue reading

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Cosma Raimondi and Educational Videos

  A piece on Cosma Raimondi, who wrote in 1429 a treatise in defense of Epicurus and of pleasure, and a page with educational videos from various sources, have been posted at Society of Epicurus.

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A Few Society of Epicurus Milestones

Society of Epicurus Facebook Page suddenly reached (well) over 1,000 likes after a Yoda meme was posted in celebration of Star Wars Day (“May the 4th Be With You!”), which included the adage “I am virtuous because my soul is … Continue reading

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Reasonings on Ptahhotep’s Maxims, Part I

Kindness is man’s memorial. – Maxims of Ptahhotep II.34 Ptahhotep (whose name means “the Peace of the god Ptah”) is the most prominent philosopher and sage that we have record of from Ancient Egypt. He was believed to have lived to … Continue reading

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